MMA Fight Called Off Due To Amount Of Blood On The Canvas

No one is blind to the fact that Mixed Martial Arts is a brutal sport. So brutal in fact that a match had to be called off at the weekend because there was too much blood.

The surface was deemed ‘unsafe’ during Nicolas Dalby and Ross Houston’s fight at Cage Warriors 106 which was held in London on Saturday night.

Dalby and Houston were finishing off the evening and boy did they do that… up to the third round at least when the fight was called off.

The decision was made by referee Marc Goddard who called time to have a look at the canvas of the cage as both fighters were sliding around and couldn’t get a proper footing.

On the night, one commentator said: “I’ve never seen this before in mixed martial arts, I’ve never seen this before. I completely understand what Marc Goddard is doing here. He’s deemed that both guys are too injured to continue.”

During the match, Houston’s nose was dislodged and afterwards, he said: “That was a peach of a shot, it was like as soon as it landed it was like someone had switched a tap on in my nose, I could feel it gushing.”

According to MMA Fighting, Dalby was sliced open from the Houston’s elbow in the opening exchanges but he rallied back with a dominant round in the second after a piston right hand broke Houston’s nose which started to bleed profusely.

Dalby’s eye carried on swelling into the third round but he pushed on even managing to land a flush knee that needed the attention of the medics.

If you that was it for the two fighters you’d be mistaken because both men agreed that a rematch was on the agenda with Dalby suggesting that they battle for a second time on the UFC’s upcoming card in Copenhagen.

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