Moms Descend On White House To Demand Action On Gun Control After El Paso Killings

Hundreds of mothers surged to the White House with other protesters Saturday evening to demand gun control in the wake of the horrific mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart that killed 20 people

The powerful, spontaneous “Moms Demand Action” demonstration was one of a series of heartfelt expressions of support and sympathy from people in the nation — and throughout El Paso and Texas.

Mothers hoisted signs reading “Coward Congress” and chanted: “Whose house? Our house!”

A representative of the group told The Washington Post that members were meeting nearby for a conference. When the women learned of the Walmart attack “the tenor and tone of the whole room changed,” and members decided to march, said one of the group’s leaders, Amber Gustafson. “We’re fed up. It’s past time for change.”

Elsewhere people flooded social media with expressions of condolence and offers of help. Yankee Stadium took a moment of silence to send “our thoughts and prayers for El Paso.”

Hundreds of local residents lined up to donate blood for the victims of the shootings after police issued a plea that was picked up and passed along by others. One good Samaritan bought pizza to hand out to the crowds of blood donors waiting outside in the hot sun.

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