Natalie Portman To Play Lady Thor In Upcoming Fourth Thor Movie

Natalie Portman is to play the role of Lady Thor in the fourth film of the popular Marvel series.

The announcement was made yesterday at the 2019 edition of Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Oh, and they also let slip that the next instalment is to be called Thor: Love and Thunder.

The film – which is set to be released on 5 November 2021 – will see Chris Hemsworth return as the musclebound Viking himself, alongside Tessa Thompson returning as Valkyrie.

Director Taika Waititi, from left, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. Credit: PA
Director Taika Waititi, from left, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. Credit: PA

The stars aligned on the Comic-Con stage for the big reveal, and Taika Waititi – who is back in the director’s chair for the fourth outing – revealed some small, yet intriguing, information about potential plot points.

While he didn’t give much away, he said that the story-line that the next film will follow is partly inspired by his recent readings of The Mighty Thor comic book series and the female Mighty Thor.

That, you’d have to imagine, is what brings us to Natalie Portman playing Lady Thor.

Portman took to the stage to a great ovation and was ceremonially handed Thor’s hammer Mjolnir by the New Zealand born filmmaker.

Waititi said: “That story line [the aforementioned comic book series’] is incredible is full emotion, love and thunder and introduces for the first time female Thor,”

He also revealed that Hemsworth and Thompson have yet to see the script, so have no idea what the future holds in store for their characters.

Natalie Portman greets fans as she walks on stage. Credit: PA
Natalie Portman greets fans as she walks on stage. Credit: PA

Thor: Love and Thunder will be part of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will take a central role alongside other Marvel properties such as Eternals, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and a much-anticipated Doctor Strange sequel.

In other news from about the event, the first trailer for Star Trek: Picard was shown. Of course, Patrick Stewart returns as the Starfleet captain for a show that will hit CBS’s All Access streaming service at the beginning of next year.

Speaking to ComicBook.com about the show last year, executive producer Alex Kurtzman said: “Everybody in that room loves Jean-Luc Picard very deeply, and obviously, the benefit that we have is that Jean-Luc Picard is in the room with us.

“And so, as we’re breaking story, we’re asking ourselves, ‘How do we live to the spirit, and to the character, and for the tone that Next Gen set, but also make it something very, very different in other ways?'”

“And Patrick was really clear with us from the beginning. He did not want to repeat what he had already done. And by the way, it’s been 20 plus years, so he couldn’t possibly be that same person anymore.

“And so, the question becomes, ‘What has happened to him in that period of time? Have there been occurrences that forced him to reckon with choices that he’s made in his life?

“How do you hold on to being the person everybody loved when the circumstances around you may have changed so radically?’ And those are the big questions that we’re asking.”

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