Netflix Drama ‘Otherhood’ Is An Emotional Reminder To Call Your Mum

The kids are grown up. The house is empty. So what now? ‘Otherhood’, apparently.

This is the premise of a new Netflix movie that explores the stage that so many women experience – those years after a son or daughter has grown up and left the house but the grandchildren are yet to arrive.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Boasting an absolutely brilliant female cast including Angela Bassett, Patricia Arquette and Desperate Housewives‘ Felicity Huffman, the feature-length film is written and directed by Cindy Chupack, who is an expert at diving deep into the inner workings of the female mindset. She did write huge chunks of Sex and the City, to be fair.

Their three sons are Jake Hoffman who plays Arquette’s son Daniel, Sinqua Walls who portrays Bassett’s highly successful unattached son Matt and Jake Lacy as Huffman’s gay son, Paul, with who she feels she has never been able to communicate.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

In the film, the lonely mums are celebrating Mother’s Day together rather than with their kids and on deciding they’ve had enough, they hatch a plan to drive to New York together to surprise them.

Their reasoning? “They can deal with having us in their homes for a few days – they were in ours for 18 years.” Fair point.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

A heartwarming story that is just as much about reconnecting with themselves as it is with their sons (in one scene Carol, played by Angela Bassett, says: “You know who you are without me. I need to figure out who I am without you.”)

It’s a thought-provoking look into the identity crisis that many women face when their services as a mother are no longer required.

“Women are living longer, we have an extra quarter of life to fill. Even if you’re not a mother, there’s a point when you’ve done what you thought you were here to do, and there’s still time to do more,” Cindy told

“So instead of planning for your retirement, women have to plan for this period after midlife where you examine your relationships. Otherhood is a movie about finding your second act.”

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

And it looks like the movie has struck a chord with both mothers and children alike, who have been getting all emotional over on Twitter.

It definitely related with this mother, who tweeted: “Just watched Otherhood. Really lovely and thought-provoking film. About mothers who are in their 50s with adult sons who don’t keep in touch with their mums. Interesting…currently present situation.”

There are some woman too who are worried about what the future has to hold, like this one: “Otherhood on Netflix made me sad because one day my son won’t need me and I honestly don’t know who I am without him haha.”

“The pms me cried watching Netflix’ Otherhood. It’s about three mothers who travelled to NYC to sneak back into their sons’ lives. It’s sad how we grow up and can survive without our parents we feel like we don’t need them anymore,” said a third.

And it’s not just mothers who have been touched by the movie; their children have been taking to the social media site to express their love for the women who raised them, with many pointing out that the film was an important reminder to always call your mum back.

“Soooo did anyone else watch #Otherhood and immediately want to call your mother?” posted one viewer.

“Watching #Otherhood just reminded me why mothers are best”, said another.

We couldn’t agree more so go on, pick up your phone and
tell your mum how much you love her. We promise she’ll appreciate it.

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