New Pictures Of Martin Scorsese’s Film The Irishman Released By Netflix

Netflix has released the first images from forthcoming Martin Scorsese film The Irishman.

The film, which is based on a book called I Heard You Paint Houses by Charles Brandt, tells the story of Frank Sheeran, a gangster, hitman and World War Two veteran who was involved with some of the most notorious people of the 20th century.

If you’re a cinema buff, the cast of this movie – which looks set to be Netflix’s biggest ever – will have you salivating.

Robert De Niro will play the title role alongside – deep breath – Joe Pesci, Al Pacino, Anna Paquin, Ray Romano, Bobby Cannavale, Jesse Plemons and Harvey Keitel.

Robert De Niro as Frank Sheeran. Credit: Netflix
Robert De Niro as Frank Sheeran. Credit: Netflix

Hell, it’ll be nice to see Harvey in a role that isn’t those godawful Direct Line adverts.

A select few will get a chance to view the film at the upcoming New York Film Festival on 27 September. The festival described the film as ‘a richly textured epic of American crime, a dense, complex story told with astonishing fluidity’.

NYFF director Kent Jones described the film as ‘funny, troubling, entertaining and, like all great movies, absolutely singular’.

He said: “It’s the work of masters, made with a command of the art of cinema that I’ve seen very rarely in my lifetime, and it plays out at a level of subtlety and human intimacy that truly stunned me.”

After the film festival, it’s likely that the film will be offered up to the masses on Netflix in October.

De Niro heads a stellar cast in one of Netflix's highest budget film so far. Credit: Netflix
De Niro heads a stellar cast in one of Netflix’s highest budget film so far. Credit: Netflix

Another of the actors set to star in the film, Sebastian Maniscalco, told Joe Rogan that we can expect the film in October. He said: “It’s coming out in October.”

That clears that up, then.

He did offer a slightly longer and more insightful answer when asked about what it was like working with legends of cinema such as Bobby De Niro, Al Pacino and, of course, Martin Scorsese.

Maniscalco said: “I didn’t sleep for the first week leading up to the [first] scene, because I knew it was gonna be with De Niro and Pesci.

“When I went in there, I told myself, ‘I ain’t talking to nobody. I’m going to speak when [I’m] spoken to.

“There was a part when they were lighting De Niro – we’re standing face to face, and he’s looking at me and I’m looking at him. I wasn’t going to say nothing. And then he comes in [towards] my tie [and says] ‘Your tie needs to be tightened a little bit’ – he cinched my tie.”

Scary stuff.

De Niro and Scorsese have worked together before. Credit: PA
De Niro and Scorsese have worked together before. Credit: PA

One thing is for sure, Netflix has put its money were their gigantic mouth is. This is the most expensive film of Scorsese’s expansive and glittering career at around $105m (£82m).

Here’s hoping he’s put what was left after hiring a cast like that to good use.

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