New Space Force Seal Boldly Goes Where ‘Star Trek’ Has Gone Before!

Make it so!

The just-unveiled seal for America’s new Space Force looks eerily familiar to the “Starfleet” badge that “Star Trek” watchers know so well. Some fans were over the moon — but most were in fusion-reactor meltdown.

The Space Force emblem is decidedly out of this world after the new military division got dinged last week for coming up with woodland camouflage uniforms, which will almost certainly clash with extraterrestrial environments. The logo was unveiled Friday by President Donald Trump — on Twitter — after his consultation with “our Great Military Leaders.” The great minds came up with something strikingly familiar:

Maj. William Russell, a Space Force spokesperson, told CNN that Trump was the one who chose the new logo from options presented by the Department of the Air Force.

The seal is déjà vu all over again. It features the same main “arrowhead” symbol, a swoop of an orbit and a galaxy of small stars of the fictional Starfleet Command badge of the fictional United Federation of Planets of the sci-fi TV series that premiered in 1966.

George Takei, who played Sulu in the original “Star Trek,” which launched decades of spinoffs, lamented that “there is nothing sacred any more” — and quipped that royalties are expected.

The similarities infuriated former White House ethics chief Walter Shaub, who complained that the new Space Force seal “rips off a TV show” and is just one more example of the Trump administration’s “incompetence.” 

The seal is similar to one designed for the Air Force Space Command, which existed from 1982 to 2019 before it was folded into the U.S. Space Force. It also featured the arrowhead at the center of a field of stars.

Air Force Space Command seal.

Air Force Space Command seal.

As for “Star Trek,” it apparently drew inspiration for its badge from NASA to begin with. The stars in the Starfleet badge echo those in the NASA logo, which are identical to the ones in the new Space Force logo. The “Star Trek” website calls the Starfleet emblem a “descendant” of earlier NASA logos. 

None of that history stopped “Star Trek” fans from blasting off on the clone.

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