Nixon historian questions possible Trump visit to Russia

The former head of Richard Nixon’s presidential library questioned on Tuesday whether President Trump‘s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and a possible trip to Moscow undermine American interests around the world.

In an interview with CNN’s “OutFront,” Timothy Naftali questioned whether Trump would be boosting Putin’s image and reputation by attending a Victory Day parade in Russia at his invitation, which Trump suggested in November he might do.

“The question is whether our president is representing U.S. national interests or representing his own interests,” Naftali said.


“If the president is going to Russia simply to help cheerlead for Vladimir Putin … who has undermined American goals in the Middle East, who has undermined U.S. goals in Latin America … you’re not cheerleading for U.S. national security,” Naftali continued.

Trump told reporters in November that he was considering attending the May 9 celebration in Moscow despite it being in the middle of the campaign season as he seeks reelection.

“It’s a very big deal, celebrating the end of the war,” Trump said at the time, referring to World War II. “I appreciate the invitation; it’s right in the middle of the political season.”

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