North Carolina animal rescue group asking for discarded bras to help injured turtles

North Carolina animal rescue group asking for discarded bras to help injured turtles
© Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

An animal rescue group in North Carolina asked for discarded bras to repair broken turtle shells.

The Associated Press reported the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is asking women to remove the clasps from their bras, old or new, and mail them in to the address provided here.


“If you’re discarding a bra you can cut the clasps off and send them to us we use them for turtle shell repair,” the group wrote in a post on Thursday that has since racked up more than 8,500 shares. 

The wildlife sanctuary is also pointing animal advocates to their Amazon Smile charity page for items to purchase for the turtles as well as their main donations page on their home site for cash donations, which they use to purchase medicine for the animals.

“We only need the clasp we don’t want you to mail the whole bra. We don’t care whether the bras have been worn or not but if you’re bra is new and still usable we would recommend that you donate it to a thrift store or a shelter,” they said in a follow-up post on Saturday. “If the bra is no longer usable then we will take the clasps.”

“We don’t care whether they are worn or not or new or old. It should look like the picture below when you mail it,” they added, while also including one photo of a pair of bra clasps and another showing how they use the clasps to repair turtle shells.

According to The Associated Press, the nonprofit group has rescued as much as 40 turtles on a weekly basis since last month. A number of the injured turtles they rescue have reportedly had their shells broken by cars and lawnmowers.

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