North Carolina State professor suspended for allegedly saying ‘women are useless’ during class lecture

A professor at North Carolina State University was suspended after students in his class allege he said “women are useless” during a lecture Tuesday.

The university said Professor E. David Davis has been suspended while the incident is being investigated, according to the News & Observer.

“At NC State we take pride in our campus culture which values and strives to live our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity,” the university said in a statement Wednesday, noting Davis had been “immediately suspended.”

The incident spread on social media after students in his physics class posted their experiences.

Local news outlet ABC 11 WTVD reported Davis was lecturing Tuesday and was randomly asking questions when he called on a female student.

The female student could not correctly answer the question, prompting Davis’s response.

“Well, the women are useless today. So maybe I should ask a man,'” the anonymous student told the news outlet Davis said.

Another student then stood up and called Davis out for his comment, with Davis saying it was a joke, ABC 11 reported.

“Obviously women are not useless. If they were useless, we wouldn’t exist as a species. So, I mean, it’s a joke. Try to find the humorous side,” he reportedly said.

Additionally, Davis reportedly asked a female student if she was “dropped on your head as a baby by your mother.”

North Carolina State spokesman Mick Kulikowski told the News and Observer that the university advised the students to report the incident to the Bias Impact Response Team.

The Hill has reached out to North Carolina State University for comment. 

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