One Popular Brand Decided to Prove That Nothing Is Perfect and Created an Ad With 6 Unique Models

One Popular Brand Decided to Prove That Nothing Is Perfect and Created an Ad With 6 Unique Models

Missguided, a famous women’s clothing brand, decided to organize a body positive marketing campaign using #KeepOnBeingYou and #InYourOwnSkin hashtags. 6 models whose appearance doesn’t correspond with common standards took part in this project and showed off how their features helped them achieve success.

info-ideal invites you to have a look at these unusual models and understand that beauty can be seen from many different angles and comes in many different shapes. Meet Isabella, Mariana, Polly, Joanne, Maya, and other magnificent girls that aren’t ashamed of their look.

Polly Ellens

You’ve probably seen this red-haired beauty before. Polly became a model several years ago and her popularity grows each day. She says that all women in her family are confident and this quality really helped her a lot.

As a young girl, Polly tried to hide her freckles using different facial products but something changed and she finally embraced her unique look. This positive attitude made freckles a new trend and girls have even started to have them tattooed onto their faces.

Mariana Mendes

This 24-year-old model and fashion designer from Brazil truly loves herself. Mariana was born with a big birthmark on her face and her mother turned to a doctor for help. All attempts to remove it failed but fortunately Mariana wasn’t upset by this.

Mariana met people who called her weird and even ugly but she didn’t care about their opinion because she treats her birthmark as a part of her body.

Isabella Fernandes

Isabella is a university student who was in a fire when she was 17 years old. The fire left her with marks and scarring but she doesn’t feel embarrassed about that. Different photoshoots have helped her become confident.

At first, she was rather shy but she realized that this process has had a positive effect on her. Now she is proud of being able to show herself off whenever she wants.

Maya Spencer-Berkeley

20-year-old Maya suffers from Epidermolysis Bullosa. It’s a group of rare genetic skin conditions that cause the skin to blister and tear at the slightest touch. For Maya, this campaign is an opportunity to tell people with this disease that they’re not alone and despite all their flaws they have to love and respect their body.

Beth Brice

This was the first experience for Beth as a model. Missguided found this girl and offered her the chance to participate in the project. Beth accepted the offer thinking it was amazing because she’s always tried to hide her skin. The campaign has helped Beth feel more confident.

Joanne Dion

21-year-old Joanne is an albino who studies accounting as well as doing plus-size modeling. Joanne’s sure that beauty isn’t just about your appearance and what’s inside you, but what you bring out to the world. Beauty is the way you carry yourself and what you want for yourself in the future.

Missguided’s campaign got a lot of positive support and inspired millions of girls to share their pictures on Instagram to prove that fashion is limitless. Here are some examples:

Tess Daly

Tess suffers from muscular dystrophy but it doesn’t prevent her from achieving things in her life. She became a beauty blogger that applies makeup with a bionic hand. Tess says that some people write unpleasant comments while the others thank her for being a role model that has helped them change their life.

Enam Asiama

Enam is from Ghana but currently lives in Great Britain where she works as a plus-size model. We think no one dares call her unattractive.

Rebecca Zoubek

Rebecca has to live with anetoderma, a rare skin disease that she’s always tried to hide. Fortunately, everything’s changed and now Rebecca loves her body.

Zoe Warlow

“Who cares? Fashion doesn’t always have to be slimming and flattering to your body shape. Sometimes it can be ludicrous and funny and really fluffy!”

Jenna Ward

“Yes, I could have edited this picture to hide my cellulite and my tired eyes, but this is me and this is real.”

Do you accept your body just the way it is? Share your opinion with us.

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