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Operation Apocalypse Z Brings A Sea Of Undead Updates To ‘Black Ops 4’

The undead can’t be contained in Black Ops 4. Operation Apocalypse Z has kicked off, seeing the undead break into every game mode in Treyarch’s shooter. Alongside the dead are new weapons, more story for the Zombie mode, new maps, and an update to Blackout.

Watch it all in action in the trailer below (or here if you’re reading on mobile):

A significant update is a new specialist – Reaper – who has a giant heavy machine gun that applies suppression to the people you fire at. Reaper can also deploy a Radar Shroud that disables your enemies’ minimap when they’re under its umbrella.

There are three new maps available to season pass owners: Der Schatten, Remnant, and Havana. Der Schatten is a large map set in the Austrian Alps, where you can fight between an abandoned village and cute little castle. In Remnant you’ll be fighting in the corridors of the Louisiana swamp Museum of Unnatural History. And in Havana, well, if you’ve played previous games then you know Havana.

Maybe it's just ketchup?
Maybe it’s just ketchup?

The changes to Blackout are quite sinister. The sun’s gone down and the sky has darkened, all plant life has taken a strange turn, and the rivers are now blood red. Interestingly, there are two variants of the map to play through. In Quads you can play on a map that features the Haunting Fog and the core more will still feature the environmental changes but none of the fog.

The Alcatraz Blackout map has also had a retooling, becoming Alcatraz: Nightfall. Somewhat terrifyingly, it brings hellhounds and the warden to the island prison.

Also released is Alpha Omega, the penultimate story mission in the Aether storyline. You’ll fight through new levels, against new zombies, and find new Easter Eggs.

There’s tonnes in the new update and it’s available to play today. Will you be fighting the undead? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter. And, while you’re at it, why not check out the GAMINGbible Snapchat?

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