People Are Celebrating The Work That Went Into This Woman’s Subway Selfie Photo Shoot

You have never felt yourself like this woman having a whole damn photo shoot on the New York City subway.

Over the weekend, a woman named Jess got on the J train in a black dress and heels, positioned her phone on her handbag, and posed for selfies like her life depended on it in a photo shoot that will live in infamy.

While serving looks, the woman was spotted capturing all of her angles by actor and writer Ben Yahr. Yahr took a nearly one-minute video of the woman putting in work, which he says happened around 6 p.m. Saturday, and shared the clip on Twitter.

Naturally, it exploded and has more than 30,000 retweets.

Yahr told HuffPost that he “thought it was pretty incredible that someone would be so shameless and also awesome that she was feelin’ herself so hard.”

People on Twitter seemed to feel the same exact way, lauding her confidence and praising the way she “braved bacteria”:

Yahr’s viral video ended up reaching the woman herself, Jess George, who then responded on Twitter with some of the selfies that resulted from her epic photo shoot.

(Note: The photos are pretty incredible considering the lighting and conditions of an average New York City subway car. We ― and we cannot stress this enough ― must stan.)

HuffPost has reached out to the woman for more information regarding this incredible event.

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