People Are Going Wild Over How This IGA Advertised Selling Maxibons For $4.20

People always say that sex sells but that was so 2018.

If you want to attract your followers then you need to be bold, brave and pioneering in your desire to get people through your doors.

So businesses and companies need to look no further than IGA Boondall, who has shown just how a bit of humour and banter can attract a lot of attention on social media.

Credit: IGA Boondall/Facebook
Credit: IGA Boondall/Facebook

The Queensland store decided it was going to chuck Maxibons on sale for a limited time. If you’re not familiar with the delicious ice-cream sandwich then you are missing out in life.

Anyway, they dropped the price to $4.20 for a four pack and got one of their employees to pose next to the fridges and pretend they were ripping a bong out of the ice-cream – kind of like a ‘Maxi-bong’.

If you’re still not following then you might not have caught the link between the price (which is the universal number for weed) and the pose of smoking a bong of marijuana.

People on social media couldn’t get enough of the image, with the original post getting more than 20,000 likes, shares and comments in a couple of hours.

Credit: IGA Boondall
Credit: IGA Boondall

It’s been picked up by other platforms, with one person on Reddit saying: “F**k I love this country.”

Another comments saying: “This is beautiful.”

Sadly, the original post has been deleted, meaning someone was enjoying the banter bus last night, only for another person to come in this morning and find it not funny in the slightest.

But if you’re pining for more corporate banter, how about Bunnings selling Shag rugs for a cool $69.

Credit: Reddit/readit3535
Credit: Reddit/readit3535


Now, it shouldn’t take too much intellect to work out the cheekiness of this joke but for those who need a nudge, a shag is another name for sex and 69 is a sex position. Glad we’re all up to speed now.

If you look on Bunnings’ website, it is indeed selling one specific Shag Pile Rug for $69 for a bit of a lol.

Describing the product online, it says: “Rome Shag Pile rug will compliment a modern or contemporary home with its soft tones and extra soft texture. These rugs adds both aesthetic and textual appeal as well as warmth underfoot. Luxurious comfort for the whole family.”

Oh, we bet it adds a lot of appeal.

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