People Are Only Just Working Out The Lyrics To The Macarena And Our Childhood Is Ruined

Growing up in the 90s meant there were plenty of school dances where you’d bust a move to songs like ‘Mambo No.5’, ‘Macarena’, ‘I Want It That Way’ or ‘Genie in a Bottle’.

You didn’t really know what the lyrics meant because you were just a kid and all you cared about was a catchy chorus and funky beat.

Well, thank Christ you didn’t know what was being sung during the ‘Macarana’ because it is certainly not subject material that children should be dancing to or even aware of.

You’re all aware of the ‘Macarena’, the Spanish dance song by Los del Río, mainly because it has a routine that can unite any dance floor.

Well, were you aware that it’s about a woman that cheats on her boyfriend with his two best friends while said boyfriend is being drafted into the army – we told you it wasn’t child friendly.

The chorus, which everyone would be able to bust out in sync with the dance moves, says: “Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena/Que tu cuerpo es pa’ darle alegría cosa Buena/Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena.”

That translates roughly to: “Give your body some joy, Macarena, ’cause your body is for giving joy and good things to it.”

Children, I repeat, children would listen to this song practically everywhere.

The chorus aside, the rest of the lyrics is just a mess of sexual innuendo and very clear details about what Macarena was doing while her boyfriend was getting shipped off to the army.

“They all want me/They can’t have me/So they all come and dance beside me/Move with me/Chant with me/And if you’re good, I’ll take you home with me.

“But don’t you worry about my boyfriend/He’s a boy who’s name is Victorino/I don’t want him//Couldn’t stand him/He was no good so I/Now come on, what was I supposed to do?/He was out of town and his two friends were so fine.”

Because the majority of the song is in Spanish and because the majority of us haven’t listened to the track properly in years, it’s not hard to realise why this analysis skipped our minds.

Just keep that in mind when you’re thinking of teaching your kids the dance moves when they’re old enough.

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Written by Alan Smith

Alan Smith

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