People Are Texting Their ‘Number Neighbours’ And The Replies Are Brilliant

As we all know, people will do just about any daft thing so long as other people are also doing said daft thing; hence trends such as planking, the tide pod challenge and taking selfies on train tracks.

Consequently, it comes as little surprise that people are now texting their number neighbours, just ’cause.

If it’s unclear what exactly this entails, basically you just text a person with a mobile number that is just one digit above or below yours and write some variant of ‘hey there number neighbour’. Obviously, what happens next depends entirely on the compatibility of these two random humans – and whether the neighbour who has been knocked on finds the whole thing as amusing and whimsical as the knocker.

Twitter user @ryanlavalleee is believed to have started the trend – which has since caught on even though it didn’t really go that well for him:

So without further adieu, let’s kick off with some of the more pleasant number neighbourly interactions:

But of course – as anyone who has ever worked in a call centre can confirm – you can never know for sure what will be waiting for you at the other end of the line and, inevitably, you’re sometimes going to regret reaching out:

However, none of the above are quite as disconcerting as the following:

… So maybe think twice before getting in touch with your number neighbour folks.

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