Humanity has a lot of important unanswered questions. For example, are we alone in the universe? What comes after death? Is it possible to travel faster than the speed of light? But all these discussions will have to wait because there’s one that is much more important: When giraffes go to work, do they put the tie at the top or bottom of their necks?

The question was posted on Twitter by comedian Jeremy Hammond, and the internet is divided once again. Post your answer below and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!



Half prefers top, half prefers bottom. It’s a tie.


I see a disturbing lack of giraffes commenting. Let the giraffes decide for themselves!


It probably starts at the top but after a tough day negotiating contracts with the baboons and lions, it likely slips down.


I don’t know. Most giraffes I’ve seen are either unemployed or jailed in a zoo.


Where the ties are worn depends on social status: boss giraffes wear them on top, middle management in the middle, simple clerks at the bottom.


I think they only wear bow ties.


Actually, to answer were a giraffe should wear its tie, we first need to know how it wears its dress shirts!


Those of you who say the left picture looks better is obviously looking at it merely from a human’s perspective. You know how that’s highly inconsiderate towards giraffes? Because, basically, what you’re saying is that if they don’t look like us shortnecks they’ll look ugly and undesirable as the long-necked creatures that they are!


Of course at the bottom! They do not have that long arms to tie it at the top


Think about this for a moment. Do humans wear ties at the bottom? or the top of their necks?


The really important question is: do Pandas wear ties, and if, how?


I’m surprised that it took so long for this important question to be asked.


Let me ask another question: do giraffes go to work?


It’s a trick question giraffes prefer turtle necks


They wear very wide ties that cover their entire neck, come on guys…


He can wear it however he likes, he’s a confident, self esteemed giraffe who does not need your approval.


1. Young professional 2. Internet start up CEO.


Do we wear ties directly under our chin? No. We wear ties on the bottom of our necks. Unless you’re an uncultured swine like left giraffe.


1. Looks professional. 2. Looks slack AF. I’m not super familiar with Giraffe law or culture.


Bow ties go at the top of the neck and regular ties at the bottom. How about read a damn book sometime and get learned about giraffe style.


It depends on the dress code at their place of work.


Could vote on it, but of course the answer would involve a tie.


As they wear camouflage, giraffes probably do not wear a tie at all, as it does not combine nicely.


Depends if they’re fucking nerds or fucking gangsters.


Depends on the job, depends on the giraffe. I prefer the more laid back, bottom of the neck look. The right giraffe can really work the look.


Middle is not an option?


I feel a tie is at the top and a scarf is at the bottom. I’m fully qualified to make that assertion.


Obviously the top. How else is he going to bottom his shirt? Also why is his giraffe naked? That’s so inappropriate for the workplace!! Mr. Giraffe, you sir have got me fucked up.


The best giraffess have so long necks that were one tie ends they simply wear the next one.


It’s irrelevant where the tie is as a wider tie knot with a horizontal pattern will create the illusion of a fuller neck and a fuller neck is what all lady giraffes are into these days


They can probably wear several…


It starts at the top, then slides partially down throughout the day.


Bottom because gravity.


But how do they wear the dress pants to go with the ties?


Pretty sure Giraffes only wear business casual to work.


Bottom, if they wear pants on the hind legs. Top, if pants fit over all 4 legs.


Do they wear pants for all four legs or just the hind ones?


Neither, should be tied around the top of his head, while he plays air guitar.


The point of the tie is to cover the buttons on the shirt, right? Shirts sitting on the abdo, bro.


They wear their ties both ways. The top when they’re feeling diligent and intelligent. The bottom when they feel lazy. And sometimes, when their hooves won’t stretch far enough, they just let their ties hang around their neck, completely untied!


In last month’s GQ (Giraffe Quarterly) magazine, fashion designer Giraffio Armani said position doesn’t matter as long as it’s not a clip-on tie. Giraffio said clip-ons are for sloths.


Top, the tie or cravat was initially intended to protect the throat, not the chest.


If they wear a bow tie it’s at the top, the other kind goes at the bottom. Don’t ask me why, lol.


First pic is going to work, second pic is coming home.


Republican giraffes put the tie at the top of their necks; democrat giraffes put the tie at the bottom.


Doesn’t matter, as long as they look elegent enough


Thank Goodness Giraffes are too smart to wear ties.


Don’t be silly, giraffes don’t go to work!


Ties? Can we get him to wear pants first!


Giraffes don’t wear tie at all…

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Neither way because everyone knows that Giraffes wear bowties.


It’s 2016- accept all giraffes for how they choose to wear their ties!


Duh everybody knows they put them on the bottom lol.


Top looks more professional whereas the bottom looks more like a chillen after 6 hours into the shift.


I’m pretty sure they never wear ties, but if they did it would definitely be at the bottom of the neck, the same as us…


The top. If it was at the bottom the tie wouldn’t be long enough.


Guys, guys you’re looking at this all wrong it’s not about whether we wear it at the bottom or top of our neck… It’s about the head to 1/2.


Depends. If their in the open, maybe being chased by predators, they’d want the tie high up so nobody could grab on to it. But during lunch grazing the tree tops, they’d put the tie down low so they wouldn’t snag on a branch (or drop food on it). So you can often tell whether the giraffe is on a break or working, by where his tie is. Unless you’re talking clip on’s.


Bottom, the meaning of ties are to cover up the buttons, you can’t cover all if you use it on the top of your neck, and you’ll look ridiculous and you’ll look like you want to hang yourself with it.


Well if he is also assumably wearing a collared shirt, I doubt his shirt would go all the way to the top of his neck. Thus, I think bottom.

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Giraffes don’t wear ties you morons, they’re animals.


I see giraffes as laid back, too cool for school type of animals! So defo on the bottom! Hanging loose, chilling at the watering- hole, catching up on the banter with his other colleague’s and even making a joke or two about how their always the first to know when it rains!!




Bottom near the body. at the top it looks like he’s wearing a small flag/pendant.


With the tie on the bottom giraffe looks less professional.


Like I said on the feed..I think bottom, on their shoulders…and I marvel that I thought this through. I need to get out of the house more often.


Obviously at the bottom. If not, the tie would hang in the food at lunch time, and the dress shirt would not fit right in the shoulders.


When giraffes go to work, they only put on their dots.


The tie at the bottom is clearly slovenly & uncouth. If a giraffe came in to my office dressed like that I’d remind him of the whole cheetah/trainers debacle. And no one needs reminding of how that ended, do we?


At the top when he’s at work. Then after work, when he goes out with the guys for beer, at the bottom.

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Bottom of neck. Human also put bottom if neck. It look nicer


I don’t know but they must ask their moms to tie it. These beasts cannot even touch their own neck. Have you seen them drinking… LOL


I think at the bottom, because we wear ties at the bottom of our neck don’t we? It would look really weird if we wore our ties at the top of our neck, so logically they’re the same. Unless they are opposite to us, or just rebels.


No no no, they would wear it under their chin.. just like us.


You don’t wear your tie up around your jaw, you wear it down close to your shoulders. #2 all the way.


It obviously goes by the shoulders, otherwise they would just look ridiculous.


Definitely number 1. Number 2 is reserved for happy hour!


Well think about it: where do YOU wear your tie.


Pretty sure Giraffes only wear business casual to work.


To all the guys saying the top is this how you wear your tie? What retard wears there tie at the top of there neck.

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Giraffe’s don’t fucking wear ties, but wtf, I’ll join in the inanity.
Considering the not only have the longest necks, but they also have very long tongues. A Colombian necktie would be pretty awesome on a Giraffe.








Bottom is legerer.


Who dresses them? Red does not match their spots!


down low


The botem is so much better


Definitely bottom of their neck – juts like we don`t wear ties just below our jaw, right?


Antelopes wear them at the bottom. So maybe it’s the same for giraffes.

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The giraffes need a wider tie to cover more of their necks.


For fashion shows, they wear ruff collars. Multiple, like a very tall Christmas tree…


Like #3, I’d say that the ties would move up or down depending on what they did during the day.


It just depends on the giraffe’s likings… I say either one!


The real question is . . . how are giraffes even putting on ties?


Giraffes wear their ties at the collar of their shirts like every other animal. Since a giraffe’s shirt would only cover its torso, the tie would go at the bottom of its neck. For those of you who think that a giraffe would go shirtless and just wear a tie, where do you think giraffes work? Chippendales?


First of all people, do giraffes even ware ties? Secondly, they don’t have hands to tie them up…