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People Say “I Can’t Breathe” To Siri And Google Assistant And Screenshot The Responses (20 Pics)

Robots running our lives may sound like the plot of a film – but with the advent of AI virtual assistants, it has become a reality. The definition of an AI is “a computer system capable of performing tasks that normally require human capabilities, such as visual perception, language recognition, decision-making, and language translation.” Companies have rolled out their own versions these virtual helpers such as – Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa.

It’s undeniable that they have some pretty cool capabilities, but did you know that dark humor was one of them? People on Reddit shared the answers they received from their AI virtual assistants when they told them ‘I can’t breath’, and frankly this list deserves its own Black Mirror episode. Scroll down to read them all and don’t forget to upvote your favs!



Voice-activated assistants are adding millions of users per year. In 2021, there might be more voice assistants around the globe than people. A report from the UN agency that collates studies of smart voice assistants collected some fascinating data that proves that AI technology is not the future but the present. The technology research firm Canalys estimates that approximately 100 million smart speakers – essentially hardware designed for users to interact with voice assistants – were sold globally in 2018 alone.

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