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People Share 10 Renovation Tips to Help You Avoid a Remodeling Nightmare

People Share 10 Renovation Tips to Help You Avoid a Remodeling Nightmare

For any family, a renovation is a huge event that requires a lot of preparation. Unfortunately, you can’t always avoid making mistakes during this very difficult process. And even though many things can be fixed during a renovation, there are other problems that are only found several months or even years later. And it may take a lot of money, time, and effort to fix them.

We at Info-Ideal encourage you to learn from other people’s mistakes. This is why we have compiled the worst ideas that you should definitely give up on while you still can.

1. Shower cabin

No, we don’t think that shower cabins are a bad idea in general. More than that, there are situations when a shower is really the only option. However, it is better to choose a bathtub if you live with children or animals. Of course, you can wash either of them in a shower cabin, but in this case there is a chance you will flood the entire bathroom. And it is not convenient at all.

Besides, many experienced people complain about having to clean the cabin both inside and outside. Cabins don’t have a lot of space and they often need to be repaired, unless you buy a very expensive model.

By the way, when choosing a bathtub, pay attention to its shape. Ideally, the bottom should not be parallel to the floor, it should be tilted toward the drain. Then, the water will leave the bathtub naturally, and you will spend less time cleaning it.

2. Mosaic tiles in the kitchen

Mosaic tiles are a beautiful decoration for the kitchen. But they are definitely not very practical. The thing is, grease and other dirt will stain the areas between the tiles and it will take you a lot of time to clean it. We are sure you have better things to do rather than clean the wall every time you use the stove.

People who have had these problems recommend using larger tiles instead of smaller mosaic ones. And also, don’t buy matte tiles: you will have to clean them even more often.

3. A lack of power outlets

At the early stages of renovation, it may be difficult to imagine where you will iron clothes, where the Christmas tree will go, and where you will often charge your phone. So, this problem will most likely emerge later and only a second renovation can solve it. So, there is only one tip we can give you: estimate your needs and your habits, and make a plan for your future room while thinking about all the power outlets you might need. Of course, an extension cord can solve certain problems, but it is not the most elegant looking thing.

4. Poor soundproofing

The thickness of the walls in newly built apartment buildings is always a mystery. When you buy a used apartment, you can check how much you can hear your neighbors and if the building has just been constructed, there is no way to check this in advance. So, if you don’t have good soundproofing, you will hear every single sound your neighbors make (some people even complain that phones ringing in other apartments interrupt their sleep). So don’t forget about soundproofing when you plan your renovation. It is expensive, but totally worth the money.

5. Dark tiles in the bathroom…

People who have chosen dark tiles often complain that even the smallest pieces of dirt are visible on them very clearly. Dust and animal fur will irritate you all the time, so you will have to clean them several times a day.

A lot depends on the quality of your tap water. It also might leave stains on the floor after every time you wash it. Yes, lighter tiles will also have stains but it is much harder to notice them.

6. …and diverse tiles in the kitchen

Tiles that look like natural materials are nice. And one of the advantages is that they can hide the dirt. But this is also a disadvantage: small pieces of dirt are hard to notice, or you can confuse them with the pattern and spend a lot of time trying to clean something that is not even dirt! This is why many people recommend choosing lighter textures, like marble.

By the way, this works not just for the floor, but also for the kitchen furniture. Some internet users say that white tabletops help to keep their place clean: even the smallest stains are seen right away, so you can detect and remove them. It is easier to take a few seconds to remove a drop of oil than to spend 30 minutes removing old stains.

7. Not enough light in the bathroom

Women know that when it comes to makeup, it is very important to have enough light. And a lack of light also puts more strain on your eyes. So, make sure you have enough small lamps above the sink. LED lamps in the mirrors use a lot less electricity.

And don’t forget to put power outlets in the bathroom. This will make the room more functional and safe.

8. Saving on materials

Everyone who has done a renovation in their apartment agrees that it is better to do less and concentrate on quality. And they are right. Sometimes, when we want to save some money, we choose low quality materials and 3 years later, the apartment looks like it wasn’t even renovated. So, think in a long-term perspective. Of course, there are things you can save on. But windows, floor coverings, and pipes should be bought in the best quality possible.

It is important to make a list of priorities. If you don’t have a lot of money, reconsider something: maybe you can delay or cut down on some things, but at least you won’t have to pay twice.

9. Having an open concept kitchen and living room

When you decided to make the kitchen and the living room into one room, take the context of your situation into account: how many people live in the apartment, what is their schedule, and so on. A studio is a great place for a couple that has no children. But if there is a big family, this is not a good solution.

10. Bad layout for floor heating

This is a popular mistake that makes you pay a lot more money that you need to: first, when you install the heating system, and second is when you’re paying for the electricity. Before you have the floor heated, think about where the furniture will be and don’t put the heating in these spots. This seems like an obvious piece of advice but many people forget about this.

Also, make sure your kitchen is smart. Floor heating under the fridge is not only useless but also dangerous for the appliance.


What do you think the people from the following photos learned about themselves?

What renovation mistakes did you regret making?

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People Share 10 Renovation Tips to Help You Avoid a Remodeling Nightmare

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