Perry denies he is planning to resign: report

Energy Secretary Rick Perry on Monday denied reports that he would be leaving the administration in November, Reuters reported.

“No. I’m here, I’m serving,” he said when asked about the Politico report from Thursday night while at a news conference in Lithuania.

“They’ve been writing the story for at least nine months now. One of these days they will probably get it right, but it’s not today, it’s not tomorrow, it’s not next month,” he reportedly added.

Politico’s report cited three sources close to Perry saying that he would announce his departure in November.

The report came days after the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee sent questions to Perry related to his travel to Ukraine amid scrutiny of the Trump administration’s dealings with that country.

Perry traveled to Ukraine in May for the inauguration of the country’s new president, Volodymyr Zelesnky, whose contacts with President Trump are now at the center of House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

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