Plane Lands On Road In The Us, Immediately Gets Pulled Over

The video below shows the moment a plane lands on a highway in America, only to then immediately get pulled over by the police.

Per the dashcam footage by a Washington State Control patrol officer – looking like the film set of a Fast and Furious movie – a small aircraft had to conduct an emergency landing on a busy road in Washington state earlier this week (1 August).

Reports state that the aircraft had been experiencing engine trouble and so had no choice but to land there and then, making for an eye-popping piece of footage.

As you’ll see by the handy camerawork of the police car, the plane flies low, missing other (likely terrified) drivers, before safely landing on the makeshift track and coming to a stop at a red light like it’s the most casual thing in the world.

Credit: Washington State Highway Patrol
Credit: Washington State Highway Patrol

The cop car does a complete u-turn and immediately goes to pull over the pilots and find out what the heck had just happened.

Public information officer, Trooper Johnna Batiste, took to Twitter to discuss the incident, writing: “While on patrol in east Pierce county, Trooper Thompson just happened to be in the right place at the right time and witnessed the plane make an emergency landing.

“WSP had no prior knowledge of the pilot’s complications. After 21 years with the patrol, this is a first for him.”

In two separate tweets, she added: “Trooper Thompson was able to make an emergency u-turn, activate his lights and slow traffic; making room for the pilot to land safely.

“Trooper Thompson’s dash cam video capturing this morning’s events! Great job by the pilot and trooper!”

Doing what cops do best, the video later shows the officer walking up to the plane and knocking on the window as if he’d just pulled over a speeding car.

Credit: Washington State Highway Patrol
Credit: Washington State Highway Patrol

He soon learned that the emergency landing was due to a ‘fuel system malfunction’ and thankfully no one was hurt.

This could have turned out very differently, of course – it’s incredibly lucky that no one came out of this with injuries.

Instead, they’ve got some kickass footage and a funny anecdote to tell at the cop station for years to come.

As for the pilots, let’s hope they don’t run into any other issues in the future. They certainly proved their piloting skills, but that was a seriously close shave.

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