Police Catch Woman After She Went On Graffiti Rampage Asking For Chris To Call Her

People were shocked and amazed when the same graffiti message kept popping up in Melbourne, Australia.

Whether it was on the side of public barbeques or along walls, the same cry for Chris kept appearing.

“Chris U need 2 talk 2 me B4 baby is born or don’t bother after,” the message reads.

Credit: Frankston Community Noticeboard/Facebook
Credit: Frankston Community Noticeboard/Facebook

Many thought there was one original post and loads of people were just copying it in some sort of crowdsourcing, funny project. But it seems that every piece of ‘art’ was from the same woman.

Well, it seems like the madness has been brought to an end after police arrested the 36-year-old mum-to-be.

She’s since been charged with criminal damage, wilful damage, mark graffiti and commit indictable offence whilst on bail. The woman will have to appear in court in December.

According to cops though, it seems like she still hasn’t spoken to Chris, who is most likely in for one hell of a phone call when she gets in touch with him.

Credit: Frankston Community Group/Facebook
Credit: Frankston Community Group/Facebook

The art was first uploaded to the Frankston Community group on Facebook, adding: “Chris… Can you please just call her before she destroys the whole city?”

The post has been liked, shared and commented on by tens of thousands of people.

“I need to know what happens next. Will Chris call? Will she keep her word of blanking Chris once the baby is born?” said one person.

Another wrote: “Wonder how long Chris has got. Come on Chris, we’ve suffered enough.”

Sure, once the woman has the baby then everything will be done and dusted because as the 36-year-old has clearly indicated, she does not want to hear from Chris after the birth.

It’s understood the graffiti work has since been cleaned up and Frankston is now rid of any reminders that Chris needs to turn on his phone and call his baby’s mum.

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Written by Alan Smith

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