Pompeo to speak to influential Iowa GOP group

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is speaking at an event hosted by The Family Leader Foundation, a prominent Iowa faith-based GOP group, the organization announced Thursday


The group is led by Bob Vander Plaats, a leading religious conservative in Iowa and a former gubernatorial candidate. The event Pompeo is speaking at, dubbed “An Evening of International Impact,” takes place Saturday, March 21, in Des Moines. Pompeo will be speaking alongside Joel Rosenberg, an Isreali-based conservative commentator, author and Fox News columnist.

“As tensions mount in the Middle East, we wanted to set apart an evening to begin a conversation,” Vander Plaats said in a press release. “We have invited Rosenberg and Secretary Pompeo to sit down with us and discuss the current global situation, America’s role, and the impact our faith has on these circumstances.”

The Family Leader Foundation is a common destination for prospective presidential candidates, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) before his 2016 bid. 

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