Proposal to include tampons in Tennessee’s tax-free weekend faces pushback

Republican lawmakers in Tennessee reportedly pushed back on a proposal to add feminine hygiene products to a list of goods that can be purchased tax-free during the state’s annual “sales tax holiday.” 

The bill would allow tampons and menstrual pads to be tax-free during the state’s three-day weekend at the end of July where certain goods can be purchased without sales tax, according to The Associated Press

Republicans reportedly pushed back on adding the hygiene products to the list during a Tuesday hearing, arguing that people who use the products could purchase too many if not given a limit. 


“I would think since it’s a sales tax holiday, there’s really no limit on the number of items anybody can purchase,” state Sen. Joey Hensley, a Republican from Hohenwald, said Tuesday, according to AP. “I don’t know how you would limit the number of items someone could purchase.”

During the holiday, goods ranging from clothing for $100 or less to computers for $1,500 or less can be purchased tax-free. 

Democratic state Sen. Brenda Gilmore reportedly said some girls can not afford feminine hygiene products. 

“It’s a very uncomfortable conversation to have, there are some young girls who use rags and cloths because they can’t afford these products and we should not allow our young girls to be submitted to this humiliation,” Gilmore said, according to AP. 

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