Restaurant Introduces ‘My Girlfriend Is Not Hungry’ Menu Option

We’ve all been there when you’re sitting at a restaurant or ordering take away with your significant other or your bestie and they look at you point blank and say they’re not hungry.

So they end up not ordering anything, but when your food eventually comes, they look at your plate as ravenous as a lion at a watering hole.

As you’re tucking into your food, they give you the eyes that are meant to say ‘aw come on, just give us a bite or a chip please’. But as you’ve told them a million times before, if they were hungry they should have ordered a side or something small instead of eating your food.

Well, a restaurant in America has introduced the perfect system to avoid this mishap from happening. Mama D’s Diner in North Little Rock, Arkansas has put the ‘My Girlfriend Is Not Hungry’ option on their menu, which allows people to add some more chips, two chicken wings or three fried cheese sticks.

Credit: Mama D's Diner
Credit: Mama D’s Diner

Pretty ingenious if you ask us.

It’s gone absolutely viral on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, with one person writing: “Every restaurant should do this! Except, I need one that says ‘My girlfriend can’t make up her mind’ or ‘My girlfriend is also going to want some of my food’ because we both know I’m never NOT hungry.”

Another said: “Finally, a restaurant that knows exactly what they’re doing.”

A third added: “I was baffled by the cheap prices and then noticed the awesome!”

While this menu option seems to have gone down well with many, another has sparked a big debate. A café in Poole, UK, has tried to appeal to people with its ‘no nonsense’ drinks menu, but only ended up with more questions than answers.

Credit: Reddit/Av2LeaveAspace
Credit: Reddit/Av2LeaveAspace

The blackboard shows a list of typical hot drinks options with a cross put through them and a simplified translation written up in its place.

The translations are as follows: Americano = black coffee, Flat white = white coffee, Cappuccino = frothy coffee, Latte = milky coffee, Mocha = choccy coffee, Tea = not coffee, Hot chocolate = also not coffee.

Evidently, the menu is designed to be a light-hearted stab at the supposed snobbery of many modern day cafés. However, as always seems to be the case on the internet, people have got very worked up about the seemingly harmless sign.

One person said: “Mate I’d be fuming if I asked for a flat white and they gave me a white Americano.”

Another said: “Jesus. Be like going to a restaurant with a menu that reads ‘Bird meat. Land animal meat. Sea meat. Vegetables’.”

A third added: “I don’t want my coffee made by people who don’t understand coffee.”

Sometimes you just can’t please people.

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