Rugby League Player Dislocates Knee And Punches It Back Into Place

Rugby League player Joe Westerman dislocated his knee during a match, tried to slap it back into the socket, then kept on playing until the end of the match.

If that’s something you’d be keen to see, have a look at this…

It’s a tired old cliché that rugby players are double hard when compared to footballers. However, on this occasion it is very difficult to disagree.

Playing in a hotly contested derby between Hull FC and Hull Kingston Rovers in the Betfred Super League last night, FC’s second rower Joe Westerman went into contact with the defence, only to suffer an injury that would force most people off the field of play for good.

His knee came right out of the socket and shifted off to the side. Seriously, if you’ve not already watched it, it’s bloody disgusting.

Forced into a situation that would have lesser men squirming on the floor in agony, Westerman looked frankly pissed off as he tried to punch the offending kneecap back into place.

Eugh, that looks sore. Credit: Sky Sports
Eugh, that looks sore. Credit: Sky Sports

Whilst that it isn’t exactly medically sound, you’ve got to admit, it’s kinda cool.

Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain as FC eventually lost out to their bitter city rivals 18 – 10, a win which shifted the Robins off the bottom of the table.

After the match, Lee Radford, the FC coach, said that this is by no means an isolated incident for the 29-year-old second-row forward.

The Black and Whites boss said: “He does that every fortnight.

“It has genuinely come out on numerous occasions – he needs some ligaments in there somewhere.

“It’s a gladiator sport and we had no interchanges left so he stayed out there.”

Even in defeat, Radford found some humour in the situation. That’s easy to do if you’ve not just had to perform an impromptu medical procedure on yourself without anaesthetic.

Get back in... Credit: Sky Sports
Get back in… Credit: Sky Sports

He continued: “We conceded the last try though so I told him he should have come off.”

That’s a bit harsh. After all, FC had no substitutions left to use, so going off wasn’t really an option.

After the match, several of Westerman’s fellow players tweeted about this incident. Wigan winger Joe Burgess said: “The hardest thing I’ve ever seen”.

Even the players for KR were impressed, Thomas Minns added: Listen you might be Mike Tyson hard but you will never be Joe Westerman hard oh my God”

Rovers won in the end. Credit: PA
Rovers won in the end. Credit: PA

Just to clarify – this isn’t something you should do. If you dislocate your knee, under no circumstances hit it back into socket. Then, under no circumstances continue to play rugby.

Leave it to the professionals.

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