Sanford says his bid is about improving Republican ideas, not hurting Trump

Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R) said that his recently launched bid for the Republican presidential nomination is about improving the ideas in the Republican Party, rather than hurting President Trump‘s shot at reelection. 

“Ultimately, politics ought to be about improving the lives of those that we represent and if so, it ought to be about ideas,” Sanford, who also represented South Carolina in the House, said in an interview with MSNBC.

“There’s a robust debate going on on the Democratic side about what it means to be a Democrat. There ought to be an equally robust debate on the Republican side on what it means to be a Republican,” he added. 

He compared the primary contest to a high school football scenario in which teams scrimmage so they can improve. 

“This is about improving the ideas that the Republican Party stands for,” he said. “Some people say, ‘No, this could hurt his chances.’ I say it could make him better.”

Sanford on Sunday announced that he would challenge Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, becoming the fourth person to enter the race. Trump responded by labeling his opponents “The Three Stooges.” 

The challengers are facing an uphill battle as Trump is popular within the Republican Party, and some states have moved to cancel their primary elections. 

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