Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Because we don’t always get the kitchen space that we wish for, it is necessary to use the given space no matter how small it is very practically; that means no useless furniture, the focus is on the multi-storage units to save space and avoid a mess. If you need help to organize your small kitchen, follow this post to learn about the most functional ideas and smart storage units that turn the smallest kitchen into a comfortable and enjoyable place. To save space in the kitchen, it is preferred to choose 2 in 1 storage furniture. For example; a low kitchen cabinet that doesn’t occupy much space and its surface is serving as a worktop while the lower part includes a cupboard, a bottle holder and sliding drawers, is enough to keep the kitchen well organized. To fully optimize the space in kitchen cabinets, tablets are added between two shelves to double the storage quantity. This smart storage solution is available at IKEA stores. For a very functional yet space-saver storage in the kitchen, don’t hesitate to invest the walls. Wall shelves are good ways to place some kitchen accessories that you want to have in hand quickly, like a cookbook or a spice pot. Also think of a magnetic bar that you suspend on the wall for pans, spatulas, ladles, and skimmer… Remember that a practical kitchen is the one where we arrange not just utensils but also food (rice, pasta …) as well as spices and other ingredients (sugar, salt, pepper, basil …) in separate compartments so we can find them more easily. In smaller kitchens, folding chairs are popular because they are easy to store when not in use. Still the question is where to keep them so they do not clutter up the space visually? The smart solution is to install high wall units in which it is easy to hide your folding chairs.