Sofia Richie Feels Really ‘Secure’ With Scott Disick Despite Not Having A Ring On Her Finger – Here’s Why!

Source: cosmopolitan.com

As it seems, Sofia Richie does not need a ring to believe Scott Disick loves only her. Their relationship is apparently going great but that does not mean they are in a hurry to tie the knot.

The model requires no proof of her boyfriend’s love, at least not a material, or even symbolic one like an engagement ring is.

Sofia and Scott have been together for two years and while some may think it’s time to make the next step, the pair is content enough with what they already have.

Several sources told HollywoodLife that ‘Sofia is very happy with the way things already are, so it is a non-issue. Right now Sofia is feeling especially good about where she and Scott are because the Kardashians have been embracing her more and more, she is part of the inner circle now.’

Sofia even attended Kourtney’s birthday party a couple of days ago and that says a lot about the sort of relationship she has with her boyfriend’s ex and her family.

‘They’re Scott’s family so it is very significant, it speaks volumes about Sofia’s future with Scott. She is so secure in her relationship with Scott and the Kardashians play a part in that, so having their blessing makes things easier. Sofia is quite content with where she is at in her life right now,’ another source also dished to the news outlet.

Sofia is still very young, even though she is mature for her age, and she knows it is too early for her to think about weddings and starting a family.

Neither of those are things that she wants at this point in life.

The model only wants to spend her best twenties with her man.

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