Southern Charm’s Shep Rose Denies Hitting On Madison LeCroy While She Was Married But Insinuates Craig Conover Did

Shep RoseSource: Bravo

Shep Rose and Craig Conover both have strong feelings about Austen Kroll’s relationship woes with Madison LeCroy. Both of the men seem more upset that Madison may have stepped out on Austen than he is and it may be because they weren’t able to hook up with the hairdresser themselves.

While speaking to Patricia Altschul, Madison revealed that Shep tried to hit on her while she was married during a girls dinner.

‘I don’t know if he’s still bitter from declining him when I was married and I wasn’t interested.’

The Relationshep star recalls things very differently during the Southern Charm after show. Although he does admit he probably ‘whispered in her ear’ he doesn’t count it as a come on.

‘Definitely not. She came out to our beach house and I mean, cute blonde, I was like, ‘what’ up, baby?’ I never had her number once, never texted her once. I mean, I like whispered some s*** in her ear, big deal.’

He promptly changed the focus to the fact that Craig actually talked to Madison, who was at the time going through a divorce, and disappeared for an hour.

‘[Craig] went down and walked on the beach with her and disappeared for an hour.’

Conover also denies that he was flirting with LeCroy.

‘We did go on a walk together and talked, and she was unhappy with her life at that time. I don’t know, nothing happened.’

This comes after Madison revealed to her co-star’s that Rose referred to her as a ‘white trash hairdresser.’

Shepard not only received backlash from his castmates for the ‘white trash’ part, but also people on social media bashed the SC star for saying such a thing considering that he comes from money.

During another episode of the after show, some of the cast suggested that Shep needs anger management because he has made many women cry before.

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