Steyer buys website domain for Trump’s ‘Keep America Great’ slogan

Billionaire philanthropist and Democratic presidential hopeful Tom Steyer has purchased a site with President Trump’s campaign slogan, “Keep America Great,” which now redirects visitors to a page calling the president a “fraud” and “failure.”

“Trump’s campaign prides itself on hoarding websites of political opponents, but they forgot to pick up the URL for their signature re-election slogan, ‘Keep America Great,’ ” Steyer’s campaign said in an email announcing the move on Monday.

“Now, the website offers the opportunity to purchase a bumper sticker that highlights what a majority of Americans already know about Donald Trump: that he’s a fraud and failure who borrowed billions of dollars to bankrupt businesses,” the campaign added.


When visitors go to, they have the option to donate $1 in exchange for a bumper sticker that reads, “Trump is a fraud & a failure.”

On a page asking for donations, Steyer’s campaign highlights the Democratic National Committee’s new debate requirements that say a candidate must have 200,000 individual donors to qualify for the December presidential primary debate. 

His campaign says they’re “close” to the fundraising goal but “Tom needs your help to get there.”

The move by Steyer’s campaign comes weeks after Trump’s election campaign purchased the domain name, which was the slogan former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign team coined for its effort targeting Latino voters at the time, according to NBC News.   

The page now leads visitors to a page with Biden looking down next to the message, “Oops, Joe forgot about Latinos. Joe is all talk.” It also redirects users to a “Latinos For Trump” page.


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Written by Alan Smith

Alan Smith

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