T.I. Praises His Son, Domani Harris And Snoop Dogg Is Right Here For It – Watch The Video

T.I. Praises His Son, Domani Harris And Snoop Dogg Is Right Here For ItBET

T.I. gushed over his beloved son, Domani Harris and shared a video on his social media account with Domani playing pool. His caption had fans laughing hard. See his video that attracted even Snoop Dogg’s interest below.

‘Maaaaan I’m convinced….My sperm can do ANYTHING!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂@domaniharris1 #TimeWillTell OUT NOW!!! Errrwhere!!!!’ Tip posted, making sure to also advertise the lastest album of his son.

Snoop Dogg hopped in the comments and said: ‘My nefew slick like his uncle 🤩🤩’

One other commenter wrote: ‘Young man got the cue ball looking like a skateboard on that table’

Somoene else also gushed over Domani’s music: ‘Time will Tell is the best Album out know!!! Hands down!!! 🔥. Stay putting it down they gone fall in line.’

One other follower said: ‘I’m not tryna hate by all means or talk down at all… but this shot is extremely easy… it probably takes more work setting the table up with the sticks. Needless to say it looks dope.’

Someone told Tip, ‘I’m definitely convinced you produce children who can expeditiously surpass other children in their age range!’

Some of Tip’s fans had a problem with the rapper lately.

They wanted to know where he stands regarding what happened with Chris Brown and how he bashed women lately.

Just in case you missed this, Chris seems to have a problem with the ladies who don’t have nice hair and he was not afraid to say this out loud on social media.

He got a lot of backlash for dissing on ‘his own kind’

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