One day in the small village, I met many human-like scarecrows and I started taking self-portraits with them. After that, I directly talked to the only one scarecrow artist in Okuharima Scarecrow village (Himeji, Hyogo pre, Japan) and became his disciple. I asked him how to make scarecrows and I created a scarecrow that looks just like me.

I’m the only scarecrow photographer & creator in the world now and as a Goodwill Ambassador for Okuharima Scarecrow village, I’m doing the best I can.

In fact, these photos visualize the social problems that Japan has. The story behind the scarecrows is depopulation problems, birth rates and an aging population in Japan. Currently, Japan is facing those problems and the scarecrows are the ones that symbolize those problems.

The population of the village is only 9 now and the average age of the villagers is over 80. The scarecrows are made and set up to attract more people to the village (with more than 130 scarecrows in the village now). It is true that this is a serious problem for Japan, therefore, I would be glad if I could create an opportunity to attract as many people as possible through my photos. If you’re interested, you can find my previous post here!

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Ouch! My back hurts so bad

How’s your grandchild doing? He’s good. In fact, he’s three years old now!

One two, one two!

Come on! Let me use the bathroom, please. I have to pee really bad!

Wait! Wait! Wait!

What are you looking at?