This Adorable Hair-Less Rabbit ‘Mr Bigglesworth’ Has 70k Instagram Followers

Cute or horrifying? That’s the big question everyone’s asking in the LADbible office today about Mr. Bigglesworth, the hairless (or hare-less) rabbit. The bald thumper is completely smooth due to a rare genetic disorder which has led to 70k people following him on Instagram.

Cassandra Hall, a graphic designer, from Victoria, Australia fell in love with the Rex rabbit, after seeing his siblings being advertised in a local breeder.

Along with her son Josh, 13 and her daughter Maddy, 18, she decided to adopt the hairless rabbit even though according to the ad, he wasn’t ‘sellable’.

And although rabbits with Mr Bigglesworth’s condition are not known to survive past four weeks, he is thriving with his new family- and even has a girlfriend called Miss Cinnamon Bun. If anything it proves that there’s someone for everyone.

Mr Bigglesworth Has 70k people following him on Instagram. Credit: StoryTrender
Mr Bigglesworth Has 70k people following him on Instagram. Credit: StoryTrender

If you think that bald is beautiful then you can find plenty of photographs of the little lad wearing an array of adorable outfits and nomming on vegetables on Instagram. Highlights include Mr. Bigglesworth getting ready to tuck into some cheese on toast, hiding himself under a mountain of pajamas and sitting next to his girlfriend wearing a hat.

In other rabbit related news, a man dressed as Batman has been rescuing animals from euthanasia.

He too to his GoFundMe page to say: “It took me some major thinking while in the shower but it finally hit me and I came up with a way of taking my passion of flying and combining it with my love of animals.

“As a child I looked up to the values that super heroes such as Batman reflected and thought that would be the perfect vessel to embody the spirit of goodwill.

“Thus the crazy idea of Batman4Paws was born. I would help rescue animals in need anyway I can, all while dressed as the Dark Knight himself and become a symbol for helping those in need.”

So, what do you think about Mr. Bigglesworth. Cute or horrific?

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Written by Alan Smith

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