This Airline Is Offering Return Flights To Sydney And Melbourne For Just £400

We may be in the middle of peak holiday season, but who said there was anything wrong with planning ahead, especially when there’s unbelievable deals to be had.

And if you’ve ever thought it was too expensive to go Down Under, think again as you can now fly to Australia for a little over £400. I know, we are shooketh.

Hot Deals UK have scoured the internet for the best bargains so you don’t have to and found return flights to Australian hubs, such as Melbourne for £406 and Sydney for £414, between November, February and March.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Struth! That’s unbelievable.

The deal is with Air China and includes a layover in Beijing as well as two 23kg checked luggage. The journeys range from six days up to eight weeks, depending on what kind of adventure you’re after in the land of Oz.

A lot of the flights are based on jetting out of London midweek, hence the competitive price, so should you be looking at a weekend flight during those dates expect to pay a premium fare.

On the plus side, many of the flights on offer are night flights from London Heathrow meaning you can sleep through the first leg without missing 40 winks.

You can fly to Sydney for £414. Credit: Pexels
You can fly to Sydney for £414. Credit: Pexels

Trips to Melbourne with Air China costs only £406. Credit: Pexels
Trips to Melbourne with Air China costs only £406. Credit: Pexels

The flight durations also vary from 30 hours to 35 hours with a stop off in Beijing Capital International Airport for up to eight hours – but when you’re getting your trip for an absolute steal, I think you can suck up the long layover.

The deal link goes to Flight Scout powered by Skyscanner to show the different dates available, which you can find here.

The specially-priced flights are currently available but once they’re gone, they’re gone, and we have a feeling they’ll be snapped up in an instant.

You’ll be having shrimp on the barbie in no time!

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Written by Alan Smith

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