This Is Part 1 Of My Tragic Alphabet That Highlights The Most Drama-Licious Opera Death Scenes Through The Ages

I have always wanted to make an alphabet about opera… now don’t be like that, there is nothing more drama-licious than opera!

In order for them to sing those unforgettable, heartbreaking arias that take your stomach on a ride in the clouds, they create a character that resonates with everybody… and they kill them! It’s really beautiful in the most macabre of ways. So I dedicate this alphabet to all those tragic death scenes and their victims through the ages.

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A is for Aida

B is for Babes in Toyland

C is for Carmen

D is for Don Giovanni

E is for Eugene Onegin

F is for the Flying Dutchman

G is for the Golden Cockerel

H is for Hansel and Gretel

I is for Iris

J is for Judith

K is for Der Kaiser von Atlantis

L is for La Traviata

M is for Madama Butterfly

Written by Alan Smith

Alan Smith

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