Three Teenagers Labelled Heroes After Pushing Stranded Woman’s Car Five Miles

Three teenagers came to the rescue and pushed a stranded woman’s car five miles so she didn’t have to fork out for a tow.

Aeron McQuillin, 18, Bailey Campbell, 17, and Billy Tarbett, 15, were out grabbing some doughnuts in Fonthill, in Ontario, Canada, when they came across the driver stranded in the middle of an intersection with smoke coming out of their vehicle.

Driver Chevy Cobalt says she had only bought the car six weeks earlier, but it had severe engine problems and she didn’t have enough money for a tow truck.

So the group of mates decided to give her a helping hand and spent two hours pushing the car all the way back to her house.

The three lads came to the rescue. Credit: Facebook/Dan Morrison
The three lads came to the rescue. Credit: Facebook/Dan Morrison

Speaking to The Star about the random act of kindness, Aeron said: “We were at the right place at the right time, and this is one of those stories that we can look back on in 10 years and say it was one of those crazy things we did, but it was all worth it.”

But they weren’t alone, another passing stranger Dan Morrison stopped by to offer his assistance, and followed the lads in his car, guiding the way.

He posted a photograph of them to Facebook, describing what happened and praising the teens for their help.

Speaking to LADbible, he said: “We pushed it into a near by lot where we looked at the car. After figuring out that there is no way the car can drive and that the lady who owns the car has no funds for getting a tow, one of the boys suggests pushing it. I thought they were crazy, but they insisted. So on went the tunes, and away they pushed. I followed behind to make sure they were safe. Dad mode set in.

The three lads pushed the car five miles. Credit: Dan Morrison
The three lads pushed the car five miles. Credit: Dan Morrison

“It’s amazing that there are some young men like this out there willing to help and refusing to quit. We too often hear of the negative in the world. There is much more positive. And it is contagious.
Good job boys.”

Since the post was shared, it has received more than 33,000 likes and almost 5,000 comments.

One person said: “Thanks guys for taking such hard decisions just to help someone especially a lady who really needed such help. It is indeed awesome and a baseline difference that you all have encouraged us to do. Finding yourself in such condition as the lady can be really horrible especially at night. I appreciate you guys for helping in such spectacular way. Bravo, indeed you are heroes.”

Aeron said the three of them were stunned by the reaction. He explained: “We woke up to our phones blowing up with messages and Facebook notifications from total strangers showing their appreciation and gratitude for our random act of kindness.”

Bailey added: “I’m like whoah, what’s going on? I’m tagged in all these posts and I don’t even know these people.”

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