Top Turkish politician: Trump economic threat a ‘diplomatic catastrophe’

Turkish politicians on Tuesday criticized President Trump’s economic threats after the president announced he would be pulling U.S. troops that had allied with Kurdish-led forces out of Syria ahead of a Turkish attack.

Trump threatened Monday to “obliterate” Turkey’s economy if the country does anything he considers to be off-limits. 

Turkey’s opposition Iyi Party leader Meral Aksensar called Trump’s economic threat a “diplomatic catastrophe” and urged Turkish politicians to put aside domestic politics, according to Reuters.

“Threatening Turkey’s economy is a diplomatic catastrophe,” she told her party’s lawmakers in a speech in parliament. “Today there is only one party and that is our red [Turkish] flag.”

And the Turkish Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that “all preparations for the operation have been completed,” according to Reuters.

“It is essential to establish a safe zone/peace corridor to contribute to our region’s peace and stability, and for Syrians to achieve a safe life,” it said.

Trump’s decision to pull troops from the border also drew pushback in Washington from Democrats and Republicans criticizing the move.

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