Tourists Are Paying $1,000 A Night To Shoot Native Aussie Wildlife At This Dude Ranch In Victoria

Despite loads of people finding hunting for sport abhorrent, there’s still a massive market for it.

Tourists are forking out thousands of dollars on holidays where they can feel like a big-shot hunter-gatherer by shooting animals for no other reason than to kill them.

When you hear of this stuff it’s usually in Africa where the animals are giraffes, lions and elephants. But these trips happen in Australia, too.

An investigation has revealed a Chinese businessman owns a 809-hectare property in Victoria where tourists can stay and shoot high-powered rifles at Aussie wildlife.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

The New Daily reports a website has been promoting the dude ranch, which can cost up to $1,000 a night. The site has been removed since news of what goes on in the ranch came to light.

The website used to reportedly tell excited tourists: “When we come to Australia, we should experience life that we can’t experience in China.

“The first thing that should be felt in Australia is to be a wilderness hunter in the mountains of Australia.

“With professional guidance, you will be a great shooter!

Credit: AoWeiBang
Credit: AoWeiBang

“Hares, foxes, wombats, wild ducks, red deer, sambars (deer)…a variety of wild animals to spend a happy holiday with you.”

Victoria Police are aware of illegal hunting trips going on at the Murrindindi property, which is about 100kms north-east of Melbourne.

Locals are pissed off about what goes on there as well.

Technically, wildlife laws state that wombats are open game in the district, with the animal being listed as ‘unprotected’, however the hunting trips are having a different kind of effect.

“They’re not just rich; they’re rich high-rollers coming in luxury cars,” one neighbour told The New Daily.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

“These tourists are coming in as gun-toting John Waynes.”

Another tourist told the site that their horse and cattle aren’t dealing well with the constant gunshots and are finding it difficult to mate.

Apparently the ranch is looking to expand its operations because a planning application has been submitted to Murrindindi Shire Council. Owners are hoping to chuck in a bar, restaurant and gym onto the property in order to entice more tourists and more the experience more well rounded.

Unsurprisingly, residents have revealed that they will be hoping to block the application from getting approved.

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