Transport Police Give Mop And Bucket To Man Who Urinated On Platform

We’ve all been stuck waiting for a train while desperate for a wee. But if you can’t manage to hold it in and decide that p***ing all over the station is a fair solution, maybe you need to have a word with yourself.

One chap in Worcester got caught doing his dirty business outside a train station – then when police clocked him, they decided he could clean his own mess up.

Yes, the man who had just decided it was alright to urinate all over a public place was given a mop and bucket, and told to clean up after himself. You know, like a grown-up should do.

British Transport Police saw the shameful act and decided that the best punishment was good old-fashioned humiliation.

The incident was reported at Worcester Foregate Street at about 1pm on Sunday.

In the way that many authorities are doing lately, the Three Counties force took to Twitter to make an example of the man’s actions, which their social media team said were ‘unacceptable’.

What makes matters worse, my friends, was that the toilets were actually open at the time. Now that’s just lazy.

He was also not allowed to travel on the train and was asked by British Transport Police to leave the station once he’d cleared his wee up.

In a series of tweets, British Transport Police Three Counties – which covers Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire – confirmed that there isn’t technically any legislation as such behind the mop and bucket but they just used good, old fashioned ‘common sense’. I think most of us would agree.

“I don’t see why someone should walk through or clean up someone’s else’s mess,” they posted in a series of tweets. Seems fair.

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