Trump adviser: ‘He should stop saying things that are untrue’

Stephen Moore, an economic adviser to President Trump, said that he thinks that the president “should stop saying things that are untrue.”

“I think when Trump says things that are false, that does undermine his presidential authority and I wish he wouldn’t do it,” Moore told host Mehdi Hasan on Al Jazeera’s “Head to Head.” “He should stop saying things that are untrue.”

Hasan then pressed Moore, asking him “So he’s a liar?”

Moore seemed to balk, admitting that Trump is “an exaggerator” and that he believes “it gets him in trouble,” but saying he wouldn’t call him a liar.

“I’m not here to defend everything that Donald Trumps says,” Moore noted later in the interview.

Hasan continued to press Moore, asking him whether Trump’s assertions his father was born in Germany and his wife got along well with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un were exaggerations or lies.


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