Trump ally Tom Barrack says Democrat could ‘of course’ beat Trump in 2020

President Trump’s ally and former adviser Tom Barrack said it is possible for a Democrat to defeat Trump in the 2020 election, specifically naming former Vice President Joe Biden and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg as viable competition.  

Barrack, a billionaire private equity investor, told CNBC on Monday that a Democrat could “of course” take down Trump.

“It’s a very diverse group. I think every week is a new life for both Democrats and Republicans — the president had a very good week last week, the Democrats didn’t have such a good week,” Barrack said. “But it’s a long road. So as everybody gets into their swim lanes, it could be a horse race at the end of the day.”


Barrack, CEO of real estate firm Colony Capital, said he likes “many of the candidates,” calling Biden a “class act.”

“He’s a super man,” he said. “He’s a very gentle touch. He has a lot of experience.”

The CEO also recognized Bloomberg, saying “nobody should count him out of the race.”

“I like Mike Bloomberg. I know him; I think he would be an amazing president. He was an amazing mayor,” he said. “He’s run a first-class business, he’s smart, he’s thoughtful, he’s considerate, he’s done it all before, and he doesn’t need anything.”

Biden had a rough start in the Iowa caucuses, coming in fourth.  

Bloomberg, a billionaire, entered the race late to become a moderate alternative to Biden. He is focusing his energy on the Super Tuesday races instead of the early primary states like Iowa.

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