Trump goes after 2020 Democrats in first Spanish-language TV news interview

Trump goes after 2020 Democrats in first Spanish-language TV news interview
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bashed Democratic presidential candidates and Sen. (I-Vt.) in his first interview with a Spanish-language television network, suggesting both men look tired on the campaign trail.

Trump was asked by Telemundo anchor José Díaz-Balart about whom he would prefer to face in the 2020 election. Trump declined to speculate, but offered his thoughts on Biden and Sanders, two of the front-runners in most polls.

“Bernie looks like he’s had it,” Trump said. “Bernie looks crazy, but he always did. But he looks like a tired crazy right now.”


“Joe Biden, he looks like he’s just exhausted. I don’t know what happened to him but he is exhausted and he doesn’t do any work, he’s not working,” Trump continued. “One thing I found out about this job, to do it right, and I’ve done it right — you have to work hard.”

Trump frequently derides Sanders and Biden, but has previously taken aim at the latter over his stamina, suggesting the former vice president has slowed down with age and is “mentally weak” despite Biden being just a couple years older than him.

Trump just turned 73, while Biden is 76 and Sanders is 77.

The preview clip of the interview was conducted in English. The president’s full Telemundo interview is scheduled to air Thursday evening. The network teased on Twitter that Díaz-Balart would ask Trump about his rhetoric toward Latinos, his views on Mexico and the separation of migrant families.

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