Trump slams Pelosi over impeachment: ‘She really has lost her way’

President Trump railed against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) one day after she announced formal impeachment proceedings against him, claiming the Democratic leader has been taken over by the “radical left” and is “no longer the Speaker of the House.”

“Look, she’s lost her way. She’s been taken over by the radical left. She may be radical left herself, but she really has lost her way,” Trump said on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), adding that he didn’t speak with Pelosi to talk her out of impeachment.

Trump also claimed he called Pelosi on Tuesday to discuss potential gun reform legislation but that she “didn’t even know what I was talking about.” 

“I’ll tell you what, Nancy Pelosi is not interested in guns and gun protection and gun safety. All she’s thinking about is this. She’s been taken over by the radical left,” Trump said. 

“Nancy Pelosi, as far as I’m concerned, unfortunately she’s no longer the Speaker of the House,” the president said. 

Trump made the remarks during a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the sidelines of the UNGA on Wednesday afternoon. 

Earlier in the day, the White House under pressure released a memo detailing a July call during which Trump encouraged Zelensky to work with the attorney general and his personal attorney to investigate unsubstantiated allegations against Democratic front-runner and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Democrats have seized on the new details as bolstering their case for impeachment. Trump has defended the call, saying it was not improper and that there was no quid pro quo involved.

Drama around the call has spiraled since details about it began to leak through the press late last week. 

The revelations have spurred a fresh and heavy wave of Democratic calls for impeachment, which crescendoed when Pelosi announced Wednesday afternoon that the House would begin formal impeachment proceedings.

Trump responded Wednesday by insisting he believes impeachment will help his reelection prospects in 2020.

Trump had previously offered gentle praise for Pelosi for treading carefully on impeachment. The House Speaker had remained steadfastly opposed to the idea for several weeks as members of her caucus pressed for formal impeachment proceedings over the details of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

“I don’t think she’s scared of anything. I think she’s a smart woman, and I think she knows exactly what she’s doing,” Trump told reporters outside the White House on Sept. 12. 

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