Tucker Carlson calls out Mick Mulvaney on immigration remarks: ‘Dishonest and stupid’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson chided acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney over a statement he made this week that seemed conflict with President Trump‘s immigration policy.

According to audio obtained from The Washington Post, Mulvaney said the U.S. is desperate for more legal immigrants“We are running out of people to fuel the economic growth that we’ve had in our nation over the last four years. We need more immigrants,” Mulvaney said.

Carlson claimed that Mulvaney, one of Trump’s closest aides, is seemingly determined to undermine the administration’s policies.


“Everything about that statement is dishonest and stupid. For one thing, Americans don’t want more immigration,” Carlson said. 

The Fox News host added that the nation is “enjoying a tight labor market right now,” claiming that while immigration is down, employment is up.

“That means there are fewer available workers; therefore, employers must pay higher wages to those workers,” Carlson continued.

Mulvaney concluded his statement by saying that the current administration wants immigrants to come in a “legal fashion.”

However, Carlson rebuked the acting chief of staff’s claim, supposing that Trump and Mulvaney have been at odds for several years on this issue and others. The television show host then cited comments made by Mulvaney in 2016, when he called the president “a terrible human being” but added that he would still support him.

Mulvaney has since dismissed these claims, calling them a joke between the chief of staff and Trump.

“We joked about it. … What’s wrong with Washington, D.C.? People spend a lot more time looking at what people say instead of what they do,” he said.

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