Twin Brothers From England Make T-Shirts That Feed Insects and Plants Instead of Trashing the Earth

Twin Brothers From England Make T-Shirts That Feed Insects and Plants Instead of Trashing the Earth

Twins Nick and Steve Tidball are athletes and designers who use science and technology to develop smart clothing that meets special requirements. Recently, their start-up called Vollebak introduced a new invention: 100% biodegradable T-shirts that easily turn into compost when thrown away and pose no harm to nature.

We love nature-saving inventions here at info-ideal, and we’ve looked into this groundbreaking technology to tell you how it all works.

Just imagine that your clothes weren’t manufactured from half-natural and half-synthetic materials, but rather, were 100% grown in nature. It may sound unbelievable, but new T-shirts developed by theVollebak team are just that. In fact, they’re made of pulped eucalyptus and beech from sustainable forests and algae that is grown in bioreactors.

Nick and Steve Tidball have been creating smart clothes for many years now, using cutting edge technology and supermaterials like graphene and carbon. Now they’ve decided to add another supermaterial, algae, into their clothing as well.

Algae is a unique organism that only needs light, carbon dioxide and water to flourish, and it grows very fast which makes it a sustainable material for manufacturing. As for the trees that are used for making the T-shirts, they come from certified sustainably managed forests.

The T-shirts themselves are made of wood pulp turned into fiber and they’re naturally white, while algae is used to dye them. Algae is a natural dye, so unlike chemicals, they can’t keep the color for long. As they oxidize, they change their color from green to orange, so you may enjoy different colors as you wear the same T-shirt over time! The natural fabric is soft and feels like well-worn cotton.

But the best part about this invention is its “green” disposal. When you want to throw away your wood and algae T-shirt, you can just bury it in your yard and it will completely biodegrade in the soil after 12 weeks. Once the T-shirt is in the ground, nature will do the rest of the work, and your clothing item will become food for worms and insects and compost for plants. Doesn’t it sound better than just sending worn clothes to a landfill like we usually do?

Vollebak has invented a clothing item that derives from soil and water and ends in soil too. The Vollebak team is sure that clothes in the future should look similar to the T-shirts they have developed. They need to be grown rather than chemically manufactured with as little impact on nature as possible.

Below, you can see a short video that shows how a wood and algae T-shirt becomes part of nature.

Would you like to try wearing biodegradable clothes? Do you use any other items or technology that help save the environment?

Preview photo credit Vollebak

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