US, Poland sign 5G technology agreement

The U.S. and Poland signed an agreement to cooperate on new 5G technology on Monday, the Associated Press reported.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki signed the deal with Vice President Mike Pence, who is filling in for President Trump on the trip while he stays in the U.S. due to Hurricane Dorian.

The agreement comes amid a global battle between the U.S. and Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei over network security.

The cooperation deal endorses principles to secure the next generation mobile network.

“Protecting these next generation communications networks from disruption or manipulation and ensuring the privacy and individual liberties of the citizens of the United States, Poland, and other countries is of vital importance,” the agreement says, according to AP.

Pence reportedly said the agreement would “set a vital example for the rest of Europe.”

The U.S. has sought to shut Huawei out of 5G agreements with European allies.

The Commerce Department added the tech giant to its “entity list” earlier this year, citing national security concerns, which bans business with American companies.

Morawiecki said last week that moves were being made that would make Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson invest in 5G development in Poland.

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