WaPo: ‘America should be horrified’ by conditions of immigrant children in US custody

WaPo: 'America should be horrified' by conditions of immigrant children in US custody
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The Washington Post’s editorial board denounced the conditions in which migrant children are being held in a Tuesday op-ed titled “America should be horrified by this.”

“Children wearing clothes filthy with snot and tears and food. Children locked in cells nearly all day long, sleeping on cold concrete floors. No windows. Always hungry. No toothbrushes, toothpaste or soap. Children alone, even the littlest among them,” the board wrote. “The United States should be horrified and demand that the president and Congress take action, immediately, to provide humane care for these vulnerable young people.”


The board wrote that Congress should provide more resources, but primarily blamed for the children’s treatment. 

“If congressional action is irresponsible, it is also understandable, given the contemptuous way Mr. Trump speaks of migrants; his loathsome policy of family separation last year; his current lies about that policy; and his constant use of fear, threats and ultimatums in place of an effort to work toward immigration reform,” they wrote. 

“First and foremost, he is responsible for how these children are being treated,” the board added. “The U.S. government should be capable of providing toothbrushes, soap, showers and safe and humane shelter for these most vulnerable human beings.”

Treatment of migrant children has come under scrutiny in recent days after attorneys told The Associated Press that at a facility in Clint, Texas, children were being held without proper food, water or sanitation.

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