Washington Post Board Shreds Trump’s ‘Manifestly Unqualified’ Pick For Intel Chief

The Washington Post editorial board pulled no punches with its commentary on Richard Grenell’s appointment as acting director of national intelligence, which President Donald Trump announced Thursday.

The newspaper responded to the news with a scathing op-ed ― titled “Trump puts an unqualified loyalist in charge of national intelligence” ― in which it accused Grenell, currently the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, of being “manifestly unqualified for the job.”

“He has no experience in intelligence or in managing large organizations ― like the 17 agencies that will now report to him,” the board wrote, suggesting Grenell had only “won the president’s favor in a familiar way: by loudly praising him and his agenda on Fox News programs and social media.”

Grenell has a history of launching sexist attacks via social media. He will become the first openly gay cabinet member.

The board said his previous “sycophantic pandering to Mr. Trump suggests he will show no such independence” and doubted he will “stand up against interference by Russia or other hostile powers” unless told to do so by the president.

His appointment also drew scorn from other public figures online:


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