Woman Arrested After Reportedly Stealing Meal Claims ‘It Was On God’

A hungry diner was arrested this week after she reportedly stole a meal from a fast-food joint, claiming God was going to pay for it.

Delila Hernandez reportedly rode her bicycle to the Sonic Drive-In on El Paseo Road, New Mexico, on Monday (22 July), ordered some food and refused to pay, telling the server ‘this one’s on God’.

According to the Las Cruces Sun-News, the server told the 30-year-old ‘that’s not how this works,’ and tried to stop her from grabbing the food.

However, it’s claimed Ms Hernandez then threatened him and, scared of getting hurt, the server gave her the order before calling the police.

The cops eventually found Ms Hernandez sat in a park eating the meal she had reportedly stolen from the fast-food chain.

Ms Hernandez claimed her meal was 'on God'. Credit: TheDapperDan/Wikimedia Commons
Ms Hernandez claimed her meal was ‘on God’. Credit: TheDapperDan/Wikimedia Commons

According to court documents, Ms Hernandez told officers that she knew she had done something wrong. She said she thought about not going through with it, but did so anyway because she was ‘starving’.

Speaking to Las Cruces Sun-News, Roxanne Garcia-McElmell, public information officer for the Third District District Attorney’s Office, said Ms Hernandez will most likely be made to pay the restaurant back the money for the meal. However, she says the charges could potentially be dropped.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the most bizarre example of food theft this week. Not by a long chalk.

That prize would go to the brazen skateboarder who stole a hungry driver’s order as it was handed to them through the drive thru window at McDonald’s.

The disgusting incident took place at the chain’s Eltham restaurant in South London, and was believed to be filmed by one of the thieves’ accomplices.

In the video, a member of the Maccies team can be seen handing the order through the drive thru window to a driver of a black car. Suddenly, a pair of pesky teenagers on skateboards intercept the order at the last minute, using their boards as getaway vehicles.

The driver definitely didn’t take it lying down though. The ruckus unfolded and the driver – presumably properly hangry and understandably fuming – beeps his horn and tries to follow the lads.

The two skateboarders, who were clearly just getting up to some good old fashioned (yet also potentially illegal) mischief, seemed pretty impressed with their efforts and can be heard getting all over-excited and shouting.

It’s believed to have been filmed last weekend, and has been doing the rounds on social media since Sunday 21 July.

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