Woman Sentenced To Nine Months Jail For Calling Ex-Boyfriend 4,720 Times

A Queensland mum has been sentenced to nine months behind bars for stalking, intimidating and harassing her ex-boyfriend.

Sarah Ann Kiely pleaded guilty to unlawfully stalking her former partner and using a carriage service to menace.

The court was told Kiely was so desperate to rekindle her relationship that she called her ex-partner 4,720 times between September 2016 and September 2017.

That’s an average of nearly 13 calls every day. While there are some people who might call their boyfriend or girlfriend that many times normally, it’s certainly not normal when they’re your ex.

Credit: Sarah Ann Kiely/Facebook
Credit: Sarah Ann Kiely/Facebook

She was also accused of using her phone to take photos of her ex-boyfriend, egging his car, threatening to make domestic violence accusations against him and told him she was suffering complications with her pregnancy, according to the Courier Mail, as different ways to get his attention.

Crown prosecutor Ben Jackson reportedly told the court: “The [woman’s] conduct went beyond calling and messaging.

“It went into the real world, there was the first egging, which occurred on December 17, 2017. On March 24, his car was damaged. It was scratched and the windscreen wiper had been ripped off.”

Keily’s defence barrister Matt Heelan told the court that as per the psychiatrist’s report, the defendant creates alternate realities in her head and finds it difficult to keep emotions in check.

He added that Keily is very remorseful for what happened between 2016 and 2017 and ‘wishes she could go back in time and behave differently’.

Mackay District Court. Credit: Google Maps
Mackay District Court. Credit: Google Maps

Judge Deborah Richards said: “Stalking can cover many different types of behaviour, but it has to be said this is particularly persistent,” she said.

“The [victim] did everything he could to discourage you…you made false complaints to the police about him, even when you were interviewed by the police about him, you tried to suggest he was the one stalking you.”

“You have pleaded guilty, and that is in your favour, although it has to be said this was an overwhelming case given all the texts and the phone records.”

The Courier Mail says the 38-year-old has made an application to Queensland Corrective Services to ask whether she can have her nine-month old daughter with her in prison.

The psychiatrist’s report found Sarah’s baby would hopefully lead to not taking part in disruptive behaviour.

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